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Richard Hammond and James May Talk Retirement and Their Eventual Replacements

As much as we love them, the boys cannot keep doing what they’re doing forever. As of right now, it doesn’t seem like retirement is even on their minds, but one look at any episode of The Grand Tour will reveal that Jeremy, James, and Richard are no longer the strapping young men they used to be. I know, shocking…right?

While nothing has been mentioned in any official capacity regarding retirement, some hints have been dropped during interviews and such. One such example came in an interview last month with The ExtraKrumbs. During the interview, James and Richard were quick to point out that currently, they’re still putting out a product that they can be proud of and that there is no reason to stop what they are doing.

However, Hammond said that once they can’t step back and be proud of their work anymore, whether it’s an episode of The Grand Tour or even a personal piece on DriveTribe, then it’s time to re-evaluate whether or not they continue.

Regarding their eventual replacements, Hammond and May don’t outright say anything regarding who can replace them, but Hammond did say that it will probably be on DriveTribe where they do eventually find someone who is funny, relevant, and contemporary and will be putting out stuff that people want to see. In essence, DriveTribe will be making its own stars.

So…who wants to be the next Jeremy, James, and Richard?


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  1. Remember the 3 stooges? When one of them died so did the show. You just cannot get that magic mix ever again. Hammond without May is like peanut butter with out jelly. Jeremy Clarkson without Hammond and May is like plastic food displays in a restaurant window left after the restaurant closed! May without Clarkson is like dry spaghetti. Hammond without Clarkson is like cereal without milk. Can’t be done.

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