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James May Checks Out The Lotus Evija In New Top Gear-Like Video

James May loves a car of the future, which is why he’s quite recently purchased both a Tesla Model S and a Toyota Mirai. While he owns the last naturally aspirated mid-engined Ferrari, the 458, he’s keen to experience what comes next in the world of cars, so it’s no surprise that he is one of the first journalists to lay their eyes on the Lotus Evija.

For DriveTribe, May was able to get a close look at the all-electric hypercar from the British marque, and while he wasn’t able to drive it, he was able to give us some information about it.

It weighs only 1,680kg, making it 200kg lighter than the famous Rimac Concept_One, making it the lightest electric supercar in the world. And to add to those ridiculous numbers, the horsepower comes in at 2,000. 0-60mph, according to Lotus, will come in at “considerably under three seconds”, and 180mph will come and go in under nine seconds. Hold onto your necks, because this car is quick.

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