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Jeremy Clarkson Is Losing Hope For 2021 With Covid Fears Rising

We’ve all taken a hit this New Year as the UK is plunged into another lockdown, and with Jeremy Clarkson suffering with the virus himself over the Christmas period, it’s certainly on his mind. The Grand Tour presenter now admits that he has rising fears over the country and the effects of Covid on its population.

He wrote a column on these thoughts, where he said:

“For months, we’ve all been told the New Year will be a bright new dawn and everything will start to get better.

“Right. So are you reading this in the pub with your mates? Is the virus on the run? Are the streets full of happy, smiling people singing I Vow To Thee My Country?

“No. I hate to say this, but 2021 will make 2020 look like a walk in the park.

“I do not see the lockdown ending for weeks or maybe even months.

“And through Winter I cannot even begin to imagine what that will do to us. It was one thing being locked up in the Spring, when the sun shone and it was warm.”

He continues:

“It’s quite another to be in forced hibernation when the temperature never gets above 1C.

“Many are pinning their hopes on the vaccines, but I believe they will only provide protection for a very short period of time.

“I also think Brexit will cause problems we haven’t even thought about yet.

“And I believe the damage to our economy as we continue to fight an unwinnable war will be catastrophic.

“Since Boxing Day, travel companies have been carpet-bombing the commercial breaks with holiday destination ideas.”


“But the truth is, you won’t be going anywhere this summer.

“The endless threat of new travel restrictions will make it too risky.

“And you won’t be able to afford it anyway. Not after you lose your job. Which you will.

“We won’t be seeing our friends. We won’t be seeing the sun.

“And while we will be able to enjoy some British cod, we’ll know it was caught by a French trawlerman.”

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