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James May Explains “Blotchy Face” As Fans Question His Health

Not long ago, James May released a video to social media confirming that his travel show, ‘Our Man In’, will be returning. This time, he’s off to the USA to explore what it really means to be an American after his trip to Japan was so successful the first time around. Obviously, with the pandemic still looming, fans were surprised to hear about the new series. But fans were equally as interested in why his face looked so blotchy during the video.

“I’ve had a few Twitter messages saying, ‘Is there ever going to be another series of Our Man In? Because, we enjoyed watching you make a complete berk of yourself in Japan.

“Well, I’ve got news. Yes, there is!” he tells the camera happily.

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But fans were keen to get answers on his appearance. James captioned the video with the following message:

“Good news! (Not that) And sorry about my blotchy face, but I’d been on a boat @primevideouk.”

Fans also commented on his long hair and facial hair, with one follower commenting:

“When did you become Billy Connolly?”

Another added “On a boat? For about 50 years by the look of #areyoubillyconnolly.”

Fans were also keen to share their enthusiasm on the new series confirmation:

“This is awesome news, loved the Japan one and its made me want to visit Japan. Can’t wait,” one wrote.

Our Man in the USA will join James May on a 4,000 mile road trip across the country, allowing him to explore all sorts of terrain, cultures, and places. His travels will see him go from Cape Cod to Seattle, via New York, Detroit, Nashville, New Orleans, Houston, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and LA.

The Grand Tour presenter said:

“I’m setting off with two objectives: To go West, like the settlers and prospectors of old, and not get fat on American breakfasts in the process.

“As a man brought up (raised) on US cop shows and Hollywood films, I still believe that everything in America must be better; from the size of their fridges to the uncanny alignment of their teeth. But is it?”

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