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F1 News: Mercedes Warns Competition – “More To Come”

Mercedes trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin has issued a warning to their competition, emphasizing that despite their new W15 F1 car’s struggles during pre-season testing in Bahrain, there is still “more to come” from the team. Shovlin acknowledges the need for improvement in single-lap performance but remains optimistic about addressing these issues ahead of the opening Grand Prix of the 2024 season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mercedes Trackside engineering director Andrew Shovlin acknowledges the need for improvement in the W15 F1 car’s single-lap performance after pre-season testing in Bahrain.
  • Lewis Hamilton and George Russell express overall satisfaction with the car’s improvement, citing enhanced drivability and increased stability in high-speed corners.
  • Mercedes aims for a strong performance in the Bahrain Grand Prix qualifying run, with Shovlin optimistic about addressing previous issues.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell showcased impressive performances during the final testing day, both expressing satisfaction with the advancements made with the W15 F1 car. Hamilton clinched P3, while Russell secured P2, signifying substantial progress compared to its predecessor. However, with the Bahrain Grand Prix qualifying looming, Mercedes is ramping up its efforts to extract even more performance from the car.

Andrew Shovlin elucidated during a Mercedes social media debrief, “We’re still trying to fine-tune the set-up, there will definitely be more to come. Overall we’re happy, we definitely made progress.” He highlighted the team’s strengths, particularly in long-run pace, while acknowledging the need for improvement in single-lap performance.

Lewis Hamilton echoed Shovlin’s sentiments, praising the W15’s drivability while acknowledging Red Bull’s continued dominance. “It’s much more enjoyable to drive. We still also have time to find, but I think Red Bull clearly are out in the distance. But I think it’s a good platform to work from this year,” he stated.

Moreover, George Russell emphasized the improved stability of the car’s rear end, allowing for greater confidence in executing high-speed corners. Shovlin concluded on an optimistic note, indicating that the team has effectively addressed longstanding issues that plagued previous iterations of the car.

“It’s really encouraging that a lot of the problems that the drivers have been talking about the last 12 and even 24 months with W13 and W14, we seem to have got to grips with,” Shovlin affirmed.

In conclusion, while Mercedes acknowledges the need for further refinement, the team remains optimistic about their prospects for the upcoming season, signaling a promising start for the W15 F1 car.

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