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James May Feels “Well Buff” After Spending His Lockdown Cycling

James May has updated us with how his lockdown is going, and according to The Grand Tour presenter, he’s feeling better than ever after spending very little time with his fellow presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. On top of this, James has admitted that with him not needing to drive anymore, he’s been cycling much more than usual, making him stronger and even allowing him to lose a little weight.

He’s now looking “well buff”, according to a recent interview.

“I wouldn’t say I’ve particularly missed them. I’ve seen so much of those two idiots over the past 15 years of my life. I don’t pine for them in any way whatsoever.

“I’m definitely healthier, no doubt about that. I’m slightly slimmer, I’m stronger. I’m still falling to bits but I’m falling to bits in a slightly trimmer way.

“I think over the past year I’ve taken my car out a few times to the dump to get rid of cardboard for recycling, so I’ve driven a mile down the road.

“During the bit where the lockdown stopped I drove down to the countryside to my pub a few times but, honestly, I reckon in the past year I’ve driven probably a dozen times.

“I’ve done a lot of cycling because I’m allowed to. I’ve tried to stick to the rules, but I’m allowed to ride my bike once a day for exercise so pretty much every day of lockdown I did between five and ten miles.”

The interview then moved onto the next episode of The Grand Tour, which we’ve seen a teaser to already thanks to Producer Andy Wilman.

“I’m well buff now but probably can’t drive my car any more,” he admits.

The ex-Top Gear trio has filmed in Scotland for the next special, which we’ll hopefully see on Amazon Prime Video later this year. May doesn’t mind the fact that they could be limited to the UK as Covid restricts their travelling.

“It’s fine by me. The UK is a wonderful place to drive around and a lot of it is very scenic.

“I know some people think, ‘Well it’s not very Grand Tour-y. It’s not very exotic if you stay in England’.

“But you have to remember our viewers are all over the world.

“So if our British fans watch the television and, say, we go to India, they think, ‘Wow, that’s amazing. They’re driving in India’.

“But if we’re driving around in the UK, all our fans in India will think, ‘Wow look at that’. Everywhere is exotic to somebody.”

He was keen on assuring fans that they will be leaving the country when they can:

“We’ll do some bigger ones in more far-flung and exotic locations.

“We don’t know what they are yet. A lot of that will depend on what happens with Covid, whether or not there are second waves, whether or not you need passports.

“Our guess is as good as anybody else’s. Well probably worse actually, because we tend to be terrible at this sort of thing.

“But yes, we’re not abandoning it. We are pausing it but in the meantime we’ve done Scotland, we’ll probably do another UK-based one fairly soon.

“So in a way Covid gives you more Grand Tour because we’ve had to do some extra ones during Covid that we filmed in the UK, rather than the big ones that we were about to do when Covid struck.”

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