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James May Reacts To YouTuber’s Cars: TJ Hunt, Jeffree Star, Gordon Ramsay, Etc

The Grand Tour presenter James May has strong opinions on cars. Thankfully, he’s got plenty of experience in the motoring industry thanks to his time in Top Gear and working for some of the most popular car magazines in the world. This gives these opinions some serious backbone, so it’s no surprise that DriveTribe is going to make the most of this with the guys over there showing May some of the most popular YouTuber cars on the internet right now to get some words from May.

He begins the video with Stradman’s Bugatti Veyron, which has been wrapped partly purple. It’s fair to say James loves the Veyron, but he wasn’t such a fan of the purple. He talks through a number of YouTubers’ cars, including Jeffree Star’s pink Rolls Royce Cullinan and TJ Hunt’s lifted Mercedes G-Wagen, until he comes to Gordon Ramsay’s Porsche 918.

May isn’t a fan of the 918, although he was slightly taken with this one, but gives Ramsay a little leeway since he’s also the proud owner of a La Ferrari. But May is keen to bring up the fact that he once beat Ramsay in a fish pie competition. He brings this up after talking about this in a recent interview.

“There was nothing set up about it,” May admits. “I actually spoke to Gordon Ramsay on messages, a few weeks back, just before Christmas actually, and I did say to him, ‘look because I’ve done this cooking show, the old fish pie contest has been mentioned a lot and I’m sorry about that.’”

He continued: “I admitted to him, and it is after, over a decade, I actually thought his was much nicer because I did try them both.

“And mine was a bit stodgy, and it’s a bit sort of bechamel, whereas Gordon’s has got very fluffy potato on the top and the sauce is much more fishy,” he laughs. “Rather than milky, and it’s just a much much more sophisticated taste.”

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