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James May Hits Out At Volvo For “Ruining His Life For The Third Time” After Recent Shocking Announcement

Former Top Gear presenter James May has humorously declared that Volvo has “ruined his life” after the car manufacturer decided to stop making estate and saloon models in the UK and focus solely on SUVs. According to Volvo, the decision to drop the S60, V60, and V90 models was motivated by low demand levels. May, along with many others from the motoring community, took to Twitter to express his exaggerated dismay, tweeting:

“Volvo has announced that, from now on, it will only make SUVs. So my assumption of an agreeable Volvo saloon in retirement has been snatched from me.”

Volvo responded to May’s hyperbolic remark with a light-hearted rebuttal:

“Hi James – we’re so sorry to have ruined your life (again). To clarify, we’re still making saloon and estate cars. This is purely a sales decision in the UK market, where demand for SUVs is especially strong.”

May extended the comedic banter, stating Volvo “ruined his life for the third time by publicly fact-shaming” him.

According to Volvo, the decision to solely produce SUVs in the UK is part of a broader strategy to transition towards electric vehicles. The company has cited strong interest in their electric model range, and the UK market will soon see the launch of the electric EX30 and EX90 Flagship models. As Volvo stated:

“We continue to rapidly transform our product offer, which means not only moving towards full electrification but also shifting to new platforms and technologies across all our cars. We will naturally need to evolve and consolidate our line-up as we prioritise fully electric cars and make this technological transition. As a result, we have removed further models from the UK line-up.”

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