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James May Knocks Down Two Properties To Build One Big House

While he’s not travelling the world in rare sports cars, James May lives in Hammersmith with his partner and multiple cars. He owns two properties there: a house bought for £325,000 in 2000, and a workshop that is attached to the property which he’d bought for £310,000 in 2011.

Recent news from Homes and Property indicate that he’s going to be knocking these two properties down and where they used to stand, build a new single, and much larger home. That’s one hell of a project, even for the meticulous Mr May.

In the true definition of Captain Slow, he held a two hour meeting with his neighbours and local architect amending any changes to the plans “in the spirit of true consultation”. For now, he’s had to reduce the height of the proposed building, but when finished, the two storey house will have a garage, kitchen-dining area, piano room and entertaining space on the ground-floor. Upstairs, there will be three bedrooms, a study, library and two bathrooms.

The garage he’s especially proud of it, with it being the main he bought the original house in the first place. “It had a garage. It was an area where I wanted to live. A garage is pretty unusual around there so I took it.”

Is the video bring back good memories? Yep, let’s hope May isn’t quite as ‘forceful’ with his renovation. And if it’s reminding you of James May’s LEGO house, click here!

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