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James May On Jeremy Clarkson And Richard Hammond: “It’s Something Very Complicated And Actually Very Fragile, Easily Broken”

Ahead of the release of Our Man In Italy, James May has talked about his relationship with his co-presenters Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Describing their relationship as “easily broken”, he talked to The Times about how their friendships work so well on-screen.

The trio has been working together since 2003 after James May replaced Jason Dawe, joining Clarkson and Hammond on Top Gear. But it doesn’t come as easily as it looks, says James:

“It’s something very complicated and actually very fragile, easily broken.

“We don’t really understand it. It just happened to work. Which was a stroke of luck,” he told The Times.

The hosts left Top Gear after the famous ‘fracas’ between Jeremy and producer Oisin Tymon in 2015. His contract was left unrenewed, forcing the trio to look for other work, resulting in Amazon Prime Videos’ The Grand Tour.

The hosts have now moved on to other solo projects, with James labelling Clarkson’s Farm as simple “big gardening”. James was asked if he’d like to follow in Jeremy’s footsteps and get involved in farming:

“Christ, no.

“Farming is just big gardening in my view. I’m not going anywhere near that.”

The conversation moved on to when he used to wear a headband:

“They would have a very unenlightened, non-woke view of it.

“But I don’t really care much about what Clarkson and Hammond think to be honest.

“It’s not going to keep me awake.”

James May: Our Man in Italy is available on Prime Video from 15 July.

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