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Clarkson’s Farm: Production Mayhem As Director And Cameraman Catch COVID

Jeremy Clarkson, famous for his car show antics on The Grand Tour but gaining huge amounts of popularity through his farming show, Clarkson’s Farm, has admitted that there are serious issues at Diddly Squat thanks to COVID.

According to the most recent column written by the presenter, Jeremy has revealed that every member of staff has caught COVID, including his cameraman and director.

The Amazon Prime Video show received overwhelming amounts of praise after the release of its first series, but its second series has suddenly hit a roadblock as COVID takes hold of his crew.

“Since I started farming, I’ve always had a team of people to mend the stuff I get wrong,” Jeremy admitted.

“But this week, every single one of them was laid low with Covid.”

Joking that he isn’t even able to show viewers his struggles he admits that his cameraman and director have been hit with the virus, too.

“Luckily, I have led a healthy life so I’m still OK.

“Although it did take me eight hours to muck out and feed the cows on Wednesday.

“A job Kaleb normally does in about four minutes.”

He posted a photo of a negative COVID test onto his Instagram, joking that he was the only man in Britain with one of those.

“Clarkson is not pregnant!” a fan jokes.

The next season of Clarkson’s Farm is likely to be coming later this year, but with COVID yet again affecting filming, we can only cross our fingers that it doesn’t push back the production of the show too far.

this comes merely days after Jeremy showed his followers on Instagram a shot of Diddly Squat Farm from a helicopter.

“Diddly Squat in the spring time,” he captioned it as Kaleb Cooper, his number two on the farm, responded to him telling him to get back to work.

“What you doing up there, get back on the ground and do some work,” he penned.

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