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James May Our Man In Japan: First Look Trailer Released

James May, despite currently working on The Grand Tour alongside Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, has been hard at work producing a travel show, still under the umbrella of Amazon Prime Video. Called Our Man In Japan, May travels around the country to explore the country’s culture, food, and people.

This first trailer begins with May receiving a Japanese dish, but on trying to eat it, is shouted at due to them needing other media to pose in front of it later on. “Somebody else wants to film my lunch?” James asks. “Why don’t they get their own bloody lunch.”

The following clips explore Japan with hilarious comments and remarks from the ex-Top Gear presenter. He dresses up in traditional clothing, shows us talking robots, and makes a fool of himself with the Japanese language. “A British bloke trying to fit in,” he describes himself in the voice over.

The trailer ends with him in a bath alongside an elderly Japanese man.

“You join me at a slightly awkward moment,” James says. “I thought Maser Hoshina said, ‘would you like to join me in the bar'”.

The series will be released on Amazon Prime Video in the coming year, 3 January 2020.

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