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Jeremy Clarkson Punching of Top Gear Producer: New Details have Surfaced

Many of us know the story of Jeremy Clarkson punching Top Gear Producer, Oisin Tymon over a late-night dinner, which led to Clarkson being dropped from Top Gear forever.

A lot of people say it was just Clarkson being Clarkson, which might be true, but it all sparked from Clarkson not being able to order a sirloin steak. According to James May, Clarkson was already under “huge pressure” and was going to “boil over” at any more moment.

Couple that with it being a late night and calling Tymon a “Lazy, Irish *****,” and you have the recipe for a bloody lipped producer and the end of the greatest automotive program in television history.

As most of you know, Clarkson later apologized:

and paid Tymon 100,000 to help BBC avoid any further legal embarrassments.

h/t: DailyMail

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