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James May Is Sent Whiskers From A Dead Cat In Latest Mail Time Episode

James May’s Mail Time returns for its third instalment, and this time he’s giving away something that I know a lot of people would want very much, his pink and purple rugby shirt “of doom.”

As many of you will know already, James May is a bit of a fashion guru. His busy shirts and striped rugby tops have been gracing our screens since the days of early Top Gear, and he’s now become known for it. In fact, it has been brought up several times on chat shows, with it being revealed that he spends quite a bit of money on clothing.

Watch the video below from about 2 minutes in to see what I’m talking about.

In this Mail Time video, James is sent a replacement pink and purple rugby top – he lost it a couple of months ago, and with this loss going viral, he was sent many replacements. Since then, he’s obviously found it again. But while filming Our Man In Japan, James met someone in the country who has now sent a replacement. As it’s too small, and now unneeded, he’s giving it away to a lucky viewer.

Also being given away is a rejection letter from Woolworths (you’ll need to watch the video to really get it), a very rare £2 coin, and another coin – half a crown, which comes out at about 12.5 pence. He was also sent some whiskers from a dead cat… That has to be the weirdest thing anybody has ever been sent. He smells them, and yep, he’s giving them away.

Go to the YouTube video and comments if you do want anything from May, but also let us know what you’ve asked for in the comments below.

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  1. Please can I have the cactus because it’s phallic.
    I’d like a signed photo of Dr Dr Clarkson for the same reason. Also, because my last fangirl photo got a bit *damaged *accidentally.

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