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James May Recounts Moment He Was Literally Thrown Out Of Pub By Bouncer

In a recent FoodTribe video, James May has revealed that his younger self was a tad more volatile compared to what he is now. In the video, The Grand Tour presenter explains the moment he was literally thrown out of a pub by its bouncer as he remembers not-so-fond memories.This has come only a month or so since he told Twitter his bought “half a pub”, named the Royal Oak in Swallowcliffe, Wiltshire.

Unfortuntely, while it was meant to open on October 28, it has now been forced to close its doors to the public thanks to new UK lockdown regulations. Despite this, James is still keen to discuss stories from his own history with pubs.

“In your misspent youth were you ever chucked out of a pub?” he was asked by someone behind the camera.

“Oh God, yes. I got chucked out of pubs when I was underage,” he replied laughing.

“I most famously got thrown – actually thrown – out of the pub opposite the opera house in Covent Garden.

“I always remember the name of that pub because it looms largely in my memory.”

He continues:

“But anyway, I was in there with a mate of mine – so I would have been in my 20s – and some bloke threatened my mate.

“I went up to him and I went, ‘Oi…’ well I just said, ‘Do you mind?’

“It turns out that he was the pub bouncer.

“I don’t even know why they had a bouncer, the pub is just a nice London boozer.

“But he did literally pick me up and threw me out of the door.”

James adds: “Then the police turned up and I told them what had happened and they just told me to go home because I was p****d and a nuisance.

The former Top Gear presenter admitted he still hasn’t got over the incident but regularly frequents the same establishment 30 years on.

“I’m still cross about it and it was 30 years ago.”

Has he ever returned to the pub? Well, of course he has.

“I’ve been back many times because I go to the opera house quite regularly.

“They don’t remember. They don’t go, ‘Hang on a minute. Your barred!'”

He laughs: “Well, they will do now.”

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