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James May: Cooking Show ‘Oh Cook’ Second Season Already Planned

James May of The Grand Tour, but now maybe more importantly his very own solo cooking show ‘Oh Cook‘, has expressed an interest of carrying it on with a second season before the first has even been aired on Amazon Prime. In an interview with The Express, he showed a lot of interest in carrying on the show and being even more creative with his ideas.

“I’d love another go at it, yes,” he said, talking about his new solo cooking show. “We’ve planned the second series just in case. We’ll get a bit more adventurous.

“We won’t start getting into breeding our own cows or anything like that,” he says poking fun at Jeremy’s new farming-based show, ‘I Bought The Farm‘. “But we will look more closely at things like health food, diets, going a bit more deeply into you know, using spices, trying to do a few more things from scratch and actually learning the basics of those things.”

May’s ‘Oh Cook’ will be published soon to Amazon Prime Video on November 13 this year, where he will take us on a journey of learning how to cook. He also published an accompanying cookbook through Amazon, which partners with the episodes. May summarises the ideas behind the show in the trailer, saying: “I learn, you learn, and then we are all fed by knowledge.”

“So I’ve got quite a few ideas sketched out. I would love to do another one. It’s great fun to do. It’s not easy.

“I find it actually very difficult and I was always really knackered at the end of the day.

“But logistically, it’s not too bad at the moment because it doesn’t involve any exotic travel. I’ve got to go from West London to North London to a studio kitchen. It’s a very COVID-friendly production.

“It’s – we could do it pretty much as we did it last time and still meet all the health requirements. So I’d love to do another one – I might just do it anyway, put it on YouTube if nobody wants it.”

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