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The New 1,000HP Hummer Is Here With Electric Power And Crab Mode

A new Hummer is returning to a dealership near you only this time, it’s a bit different. Hummer is changing with the times and has fitted not 1 but 3 electric motors to its all-new pick-up style body. Welcome everyone, to the first-ever fully electric Hummer. All those motors add up to a mind-boggling 1000 horsepower. The new Hummer comes with cool new features with off-roading in mind. It can even “crabwalk” at low speeds by turning all 4 wheels at the same angle if needed. 

The Hummer as we know it is a loud, heavy dinosaur lumbering through the streets… or deserts. But what started out as a military vehicle soon fell into civilian hands. I mean who wouldn’t want a ginormous bulletproof vehicle that is sure to endure the zombie apocalypse? We’ve seen the Hummer take on a more civilian look over the years and with every body style change it underwent we got less interested. Until suddenly it became a regular looking SUV. Where did all the excitement go? 

Well, all that excitement is back with the new Hummer EV. This all-electric vehicle has a range of 350 miles which is truly unbelievable given its massive power under the hood and heavy weight. If you turn on the “Watts to Freedom” mode it will do 0-60mph in just 3 seconds. That’s half of the time it takes its competitor, the Ford Raptor, to do the same. The Hummer’s suspension can raise an additional 149mm at the click of a button. That will give you a massive 600mm of wadding depth. Not that I would be too eager to mix water and extremely powerful batteries together, although steel plates do keep the power source protected completely.

The new Hummer EV starts at $112,595 and you can pre-order now and receive it early as next Autumn.

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