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James May To Present New Solo Travel Show For Amazon – ‘Our Man In Japan’

In a 6-part series for Amazon, James May will be taking us to Japan for his new completely solo series separate to The Grand Tour. He’ll be travelling over 1,000 miles across the country in an attempt to explore Japanese culture to a further extent than just Godzilla and Hello Kitty.

“Japan is the most amazing place I’ve ever visited,” May said. “Everything about it is a surprise: a boiled sweet, a bullet train, an unexpected ancient temple, and the challenge of eating a single edamame bean with chopsticks.

“It’s a class A stimulant for all the senses, and an etiquette minefield for the unwary. I intend to immerse myself in it completely, in the pursuit of enlightenment and life balance. And I bet the noodles will be fantastic.”

The executive producer behind this new show is Will Daws, the same man behind his other shows such as Toy Stories and The Reassembler, so expect the same spine tingling excitement and action that accompanies his previous endeavours (kind of).

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Clarkson, Hammond and May have all confirmed that they are going to pursue solo shows with Amazon Prime, but are yet to go into more details. we’ll let you know as we know more!

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