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Knight Rider Film Reportedly Coming to The Big Screen In Feature Film

One of the most popular shows on TV is reportedly coming back to the big screen after Deadline reports that Knight Rider is returning in the shape of a film.

James Wan, director of the likes of Saw and Aquaman is going to be developing the film adaptation, and famous videogame writer TJ Fixman will be behind the script. Apparently, the story takes place in the present day, but unfortunately details are thin.

After the announcement, TJ Tweeted the following:

“Knight Rider was one of my favourite shows as a kid, so this feels like I just stepped through a time portal and high-fived my 8-year old self”.

As I’m sure you’re all wondering, we have no idea if KITT will return in the form of the famous Pontiac Firebird, or if David Hasselhoff will make a cameo. Since the original, a rebooted Knight Rider was created using a Ford Mustang for the lead role, although this flopped massively as it didn’t stand up to the original, despite The Hoff making a small cameo in the first episode.

So come guys, let us know what car you’d want to see take on the role of KITT. Do you want the classic Firebird, or a more modern equivalent? If so, what are you thinking?

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