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Jeremy Clarkson: A Tour Of Diddly Squat As Modified Cars Take Over The Farm

Diddly Squat Farm has become a tourist destination for fans of cars, farming, and Jeremy Clarkson alike. Ever since his Amazon Prime show Clarkson’s Farm was so highly praised on its release, Diddly Squat has been inundated with fans trying to catch a glimpse of the presenter, or his farming manager and sidekick Kaleb Cooper.

Only days ago, Diddly Squat had a car meet which consisted of tens of highly modified cars including Nissan Silvias, GTRs, Toyota Supras, and several other rare vehicles. With YouTuber Adam C trailing the show, he gave us a rare tour around the famous location.

Kaleb was attending, although it wasn’t in his famous Nissan 350Z, it was in fact in his Nissan pickup. But he’s a bit of a car nut just like us, so stopped by the modified Silvias to have a long chat with the owners.

You can also see the Jeep from The Grand Tour alongside a shrine to its episode, the Columbia Special, which was split into two parts.

If you want a chance to join the next meet at Diddly Squat, make sure you’re following their Facebook page here.

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