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Jeremy Clarkson: Air Ambulances Land At Diddly Squat Farm After Serious Crash

Two air ambulances reportedly landed at Diddly Squat Farm yesterday after a serious crash was occurred earlier in the day on a road local to the site.

The farm, which was bought by Jeremy in 2008 and taken over by the Grand Tour presenter two years ago, was featured in Clarkson’s Farm as he decided to turn it into a money-making farm alongside his farm manager and sidekick Kaleb Cooper. Before that it was contracted out to a farmer from a local village, but with him retiring, Jeremy decided to take on the challenge.

Series 1 of the show was incredibly popular, with it quickly becoming one of the most praised shows on Amazon Prime Video, and soon enough a second series was confirmed.

But with this fame came huge amounts of fans who flocked to the on-site farm shop, causing traffic and infuriating locals.

Just last night, a serious crash occurred on a road close to the farm, leading to two air ambulances being sent to the area. Wiltshire Air Ambulance arrived first, with Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance close by. They both landed shortly after 8pm.

According to Wiltshire Today, one person was airlifted to the John Radcliffe Hospital. The Sun classed the crash as serious in nature.

This will be bad news for the ex-Top Gear presenter, who was recently bombarded with abuse from local village-goers who didn’t like the inundation of fans around the area.

“All of a sudden this car came out of nowhere,” Pauline Cross said after a meeting between Clarkson and the village, as she discussed the main issue with Jeremy’s show was increased traffic and dangerous drivers.

“They just come through so fast,” the 76-year-old said from her mobility scooter. “It can be bedlam.”

This incident will surely enrage locals from the area, and will certainly put pressure on Jeremy, if it’s proven that there’s a connection between the drivers and Diddly Squat Farm, to do something about the increased traffic and dangerous driving.

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