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Jeremy Clarkson Admits Hammond And May Didn’t Like The Studio Segments

Jeremy Clarkson has admitted that fellow Top Gear and Grand Tour presenters Richard Hammond and James May didn’t like the studio segments in front of an audience. Talking to DriveTribe, he told them that he will miss doing the “studio bits” for The Grand Tour, but he expects Hammond and May won’t.

Clarkson said:

“I will miss the studio enormously.

“I love interacting, I don’t think James and Richard enjoyed it very much, but I used to love having a studio audience that you could bounce off. That you could play with.”

He explains that his history of working on his own chat show pushed his love for a studio audience.

“They could say something and you had to think of something quickly to say back.

“I used to do a chat show years ago and I developed a love for studio shows back then.”

While he will miss not having the audience to interact with, he explains the pros of not having to spend time creating the studio segments.

“I will miss having that but it does free us up to do a lot more travelling stuff, which is I know what viewers like.”

He joked, “so, you know, Richard can do ‘Britain’s heaviest paving stone’ and James can do ‘the history of knitting machines’, and that will be great.”

Alex Harrington

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  1. No one did. The news was always outdated and the jokes were corny. We always just fast-forwarded through the studios segments to get back to the featured content.

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