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Jeremy Clarkson Admits Why The Grand Tour Is No Longer Reviewing Cars In Sad Development

The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt is released and all is well for the Christmas holidays, and while overall it’s received positive reviews, the Amazon Prime Video car show is still incomplete according to some fans.

They miss the tent, Abbie Eaton, and the Eboladrome test track. But above all, they miss the car reviews.

In a recent interview with TVMag, Jeremy Clarkson explains why he, Richard Hammond, and James May are no longer getting behind the wheel and talking to the camera about a car.

“I don’t miss testing cars. Cars are becoming increasingly dreary and similar. The new Hyundai which is exactly the same as the Kia last week and the Volkswagen week before and the Renault the week before that. I think cars are going through a dreary period at the moment. To be brutally honest, it was gruelling.

“In each different series of the Grand Tour we were having to do 30 or 40 films and that meant going to 30 or 40 different countries and that meant coming up with 30 or 40 ideas which had to be bigger and better and brighter than what we’d done before.

“So it was becoming extremely hard work, bearing in mind the cars were becoming more and more boring. I don’t miss that really at all.”

This will come as sad news to fans who were hooked initially by Clarkson’s sideways take on car reviews. With his boisterous humour and careless attitude, his reviews weren’t watched by someone looking to buy a car, but instead by someone who wanted to laugh. With the removal of these from The Grand Tour series, we’re certainly missing part of the essence that made these episodes so great in the first place.

The Grand Tour will, however, carry on, as the trio heads to Scotland for the next special episode that will likely be aired next year. Here, they drive three old American cars and while we won’t get a review, there will be plenty of laughs as they get into inevitable trouble. Watch this space.

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  1. While I’m sad to see that happen, I completely understand. As someone whos been watching these three since before they were the trio we know today, I welcome the new format.

  2. I’d still leave open the car review, but only those that are actually interesting. And there’s TONS of auto development these days, that they could bring up and explore.

  3. Case and point, the new Ford e-Mustang, aside from a pony on the grill, it looks EXACTLY the same as just about every other SUV on the market, dreary dull and boring as hell. It’s like every car maker is thinking I have to make my car look like every other car in order to sell. Why? because car buyers are braindead zombies? I don’t think so. it’s just a collective shrug by all manufacturers.

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