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Jeremy Clarkson And Other Celebrities Used In Bitcoin Scam – Beware

When you find your role models and favourite celebrities doing something clever to make money, of course you’re going to look into it. And when they publicly endorse it, you’re more than likely going to try it yourself.

But a ‘online cryptocurrency investment scheme’ has lately been proven to be a scam, despite Jeremy Clarkson and other celebrities such as Simon Cowell apparently giving their own endorsements. Using an ITV website clone and a fake article, a scheme called Bitcoin Revolution has been using celebrity names to boost its trustworthiness. Of course, it’s a scam.

The fake article includes a quote from Clarkson saying: ‘Bitcoin Revolution has been the greatest investment I’ve ever made.’

Jeremy Clarkson's 'I Bought A Farm' Amazon Show Details Revealed however contacted The Grand Tour presenter in which he replied:

‘I have absolutely no knowledge of this company. It is a scam.

‘I’ve engaged the services of a lawyer to deal with this. And will now go online to see what a “bitcoin” is.’

The article is being used to lure in unsuspecting victims to invest an initial $250, where there will be a promised return. Of course, there will not be any such thing, so please be wary if you’re temped with this, or anything similar. The article also advertises false endorsements by BBC2, the Daily Mail, the Sun, Good Morning Britain and the Guardian.

We are purposefully not linking to this article, but urge readers to be wary of these schemes, despite having supposed endorsements by celebrities.

If you know of any other scams, please make others aware by putting them in the comments below.

Alex Harrington

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