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Jeremy Clarkson Attacks Jeremy Vine In Cycle Lane Controversy Via His Column

Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, 60, shot back at Jeremy Vine, 55, during the controversial debate of the abolition of cycle lanes on Kensington High Street. The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, clarified earlier this week that his intention is to reinstate the cycle lanes.

The Grand Tour host Clarkson said that cycle lanes around the UK are creating a division “between “country’s normal people and its raving lunatics.”

It comes after Mr. Vine recently wrote in favour of the Kensington cycling lane and blasted the actor Nigel Havers, who in turn supports the Council’s decision to strip the High Street of cycle lanes.

The ex-Top Gear host discussed the most “unexpected war of all time” as Clarkson talked of increasing “tensions” on the subject. He said he’d never cycle on Kensington High Street because it’s “bl***y dangerous”.


Clarkson said:

“This week that tension exploded into easily the most unexpected war of all time, between the actor Nigel Havers, who hates the Kensington cycle lane, and the bicyclists’ helmet-in-chief, radio DJ Jeremy Vine.”

He continued to argue:

“He’s already interfered with the lives of several people who’ve dared to get in the way of his bike, and is now only ever to be seen with a GoPro camera fastened to his head.”

Clarkson indicated that the host of Channel 5 Mr. Vine could ride his cycle on safer roads and back streets to escape traffic on crowded streets.

“I think the problem Mr. Vine has is that it’s hard to think straight when you have to balance a camera on your head. So let me step in and become the peacemaker. Boutros Boutros-Clarkson.

“I sometimes ride a bicycle in London but I am well aware that when I do so, I am a guest in the world of the car. Which is why I would NEVER cycle on Kensington High Street. It’s too bl***y dangerous,” Clarkson added.

Clarkson suggested that Sadiq and the channel 5 host should work on other problems instead.


He continues in his column in The Sun:

“What I’d suggest, then, is that Sadiq allows the council to remove the cycle lane experiment – and concentrate on the more important problems facing the capital.

Like for example, forcing Jeremy [Vine] to take that damn silly camera off his head.”

Comments from the host of the Grand Tour come after the host of Channel 5 slammed Nigel’s latest column.

The actor stated that his city council had added the “dreaded cycle lanes” which culminated high levels of pollution and “horrendous traffic jams”

“Every morning and evening, there is total gridlock – even in the past two weeks when more of us have been working from home,” Nigel wrote in MailOnline.

Nigel continued,

“God forbid if an ambulance, police car or fire engine urgently needs to get through – the cycle lane bollards mean drivers cannot get out of the way.”

But Mr. Vine reacted to his piece and indicated that he is willing to make a “deal” with Nigel.

On his statement, Mr. Vine refuses to pull back:

“You rip out the safe cycle path and we cyclists will swap our bikes for exhaust-burping, child-crushing SUVs,” Mr Vine wrote in the same publication.

Then we’ll head for your borough and see how that reduces the jams.”

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