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Piers Morgan Reveals High Tensions With Jeremy Clarkson While They Filmed Together For Boxing Day Special

Piers Morgan admitted that things were a bit “tense” in the studio as they taped his session on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? with long time rival Jeremy Clarkson.

The Millionaire host was involved in a ‘punch up’ with Good Morning Britain’s host Morgan around 16 years ago, with Morgan mocking the fact that his episode would be aired on Boxing Day. 

Morgan admitted that Clarkson had struck him three times in the head, causing The Grand Tour host to break his finger and Piers to receive a lasting scar from the rings Clarkson was wearing at the time. 

The incident started a long-running feud. Morgan initiated to settle things between him and Clarkson by suggesting to get drunk together. And so they did.

Morgan will appear in WWTBAM for charity and the episode has been filmed ahead for Christmas.

The Good Morning Britain journalist Morgan went candid on the filming of the episode and shared the “making peace” and the finger “banter” as Clarkson showed his broken finger to him.

“I’m now in the unnerving position to confirm I have taken part in Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Morgan revealed to co-host Susanna Reid on GMB on Monday.

Morgan joked:

“For a Boxing Day special appropriately, given the host is somebody who once punched me three times in the head.”

Reid responded, “[Someone who] you used to box with.” 

Morgan continued: “It was as tense as you would imagine with Mr. Clarkson and I.”

Reid then asked: “When was the last time you were in the same room together?” 

In response to Reid’s question, Morgan replied: 

“We sort of kissed… we didn’t kiss and make up, we bear hugged and had a big night out at my local pub, and drank ourselves to oblivion and declared peace after a 10-year feud.

I’ve got to say it was a fascinating encounter, and it’s fair to say the banter is off the charts as you can imagine.

“I think at one stage he shows me his gnarled finger he broke hitting my head…but it’s good fun.”

It looked like Morgan had a lot fun at WWTBAM.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6 am on ITV.

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