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Jeremy Clarkson Is Back Relaxing In Majorca

After a significant pneumonia scare and only just being released from the hospital, Jeremy Clarkson was spotted by the Daily Mail relaxing aboard a luxury yacht with several other people, notably British TV and radio personality Johnny Vaughn.

Clarkson revealed much about his catastrophically boring hospital experience in his Sunday Times column, including that he considered suicide due to sheer boredom. Doctors told him that if he wasn’t admitted for at least a week, he would end up dead, which eventually got him checked in.

Notably, Jeremy wasn’t seen with cigarettes all day, likely a result of their contribution to his legendarily poor health. According to the Mail, in 2014, a doctor reportedly declared his health “atrocious.”

Nevertheless, Jeremy appears to be recovering from pneumonia very well, and we hope he can keep up the kibosh on smoking and make a full recovery.

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