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Drama At Palm Beach Cars And Coffee

I know, I’m as shocked as you are. For once at a Cars and Coffee, a Mustang didn’t run into a crowd of people or lose control! It’s ok, I’m a Mustang owner, I’m allowed to poke fun at us.

No, this particular incident is far more fiery than any Mustang crash. At the Palm Beach Cars and Coffee this Sunday, an incident occurred that has been making the rounds on social media. As with any other incident that becomes viral, there are many different sides to the story floating around. Here’s one report from Reddit user u/Robinsmjr:

“Heres some more info on what happened since a lot of false rumors have been going around. The women was cut off by the motorcycles, the bikers blocked the car in and when the driver stepped out to talk to them she forgot to engage the parking brake causing the vehicle to roll into the bike in front. The bikers proceeded to damage the vehicle by punching and kicking it. One biker even swung at the driver which is why she got back into the vehicle left the scene and called the police from a safer location.”

“The biker claims the McLaren nearly side swiped them while exiting the show. There is really no video evidence of this and everyone agrees the biker started the incident not the driver.”

Never a dull moment at Cars and Coffee. Here is a highlight from my local C&C:

So let’s hear it. What are your C&C horror stories? I know you guys and gals have some, so comment below!

Tony Hsieh

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