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Jeremy Clarkson Confronts Son’s Teacher After He Appears On Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Jeremy Clarkson found his son’s school teacher sit opposite him as he presented the popular quick show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire before confronting him on his son’s poor A-level results. 

Mindy Dhana, a chemistry teacher, rose to the challenge of the quiz show, and while Jeremy started to read the information on the contestant, he looks up and says: “I’ve just seen in your notes that you’re a chemistry teacher who taught chemistry to my son.

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“Well I shall try to be less of a bother to you than he was back in the day.”

Mindy replies to him: “He was excellent.”

Jeremy looks at her laughing and replies, “You’re just saying that to curry favour!” 

Mindy successful answered a number of the first round up questions before needing to use the 50:50 lifeline on a question about the 2021 Olympics. 

It was at this point he set his safety net amount at £64,000 before he phoned a friend to find the answer to a question on art. His friend, a historian and teacher alongside him at the same school, didn’t know the answer to the question either, spurring Clarkson to joke about his son’s A-Level results.

“I’m starting to understand now why my son cocked up his A-Levels. None of you know anything!” he joked.

Mindy used his final lifeline, asking Jeremy who also didn’t have any idea on the answer to the question. This resulted in Mindy taking home a modest £32,000. Unfortunately for him, he then guessed the right answer, which would have doubled his take-home prize.

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