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Jeremy Clarkson Crowned Worlds Greatest On Screen Automotive Icon

Jeremy Clarkson has officially beaten Hollywood legend Steve McQueen to the crown of the worlds greatest automotive on screen icon.

McQueen is known as ‘The King of Cool’ thanks to his tough guy persona and dashing style is a completely different personality to Clarkson who was once voted as Britains most unfashionable man.

But when it comes to cars, Clarkson has topped the list – and we think for good reason with him being involved in some of the most memorable vehicle TV moments over the past 25 years. Whether it was driving to the North Pole, getting chased out of Argentina, driving across Botswana or many of the other adventures Clarkson and his co presenters have embarked on.

On the other hand, McQueen was known for such films as Bullitt, Le Mans and of course, The Great Escape. Both have achieved amazing feats during their independent careers but Clarkson has come out on top.

You can see the full list below including Hammond, May, Paul Walker and even Sean Connery:

1. Jeremy Clarkson
2. Steve McQueen
3. Richard Hammond
4. Vin Diesel
5. Sir Sean Connery CBE
6. James May
7. Paul Walker
8. Daniel Craig
9. Sir Roger Moore KBE
10. Jason Statham

The study, which was commissioned by Hyundai was put in place to see how petrol-heads across the world are keeping themselves busy in a time where just taking your car out for a spin, isn’t allowed. Hyundai said:

“Steve McQueen is nicknamed The King of Cool and he’s responsible for some of Hollywood’s most iconic moments, whether it’s the bike scene in The Great Escape or the famous chase in Bullitt. But he plays second fiddle to Jeremy Clarkson, whose legendary adventures from behind the wheel of a car have crowned him as our favourite automotive screen icon. The best cars and films are always the subject of fierce and fun debate and thanks to the internet and streaming services there is no shortage of shows and websites to keep us occupied.”

Sir Sean Connery was one of three James Bond actors to make the list, with Daniel Craig hitting number eight and the late Roger Moore shortly behind in number nine.

At number ten is Jason Statham, who has most likely made this list for his work in the Transporter series and then the Fast and the Furious franchise.

Paul Walker, who was tragically killed in a car crash in 2013 came seventh in the list behind the Grand Tours very own James May who came in sixth.

According to a British survey, the best car film ever was the original Italian Job, followed by Bullitt and then the Fast and the Furious franchise. The Italian Job features one of the most popular car chase to ever appear in film – as well as this, it has also recently been crowned the most watched car film since isolation and lockdown procedures came into effect.

Moving over to the small screen now, Top Gear was named number one followed by Knight Rider and of course, The Dukes of Hazzard.

In terms of the greatest movie car, it comes as no surprise that James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 came top of the list ahead of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and of course Back to the Future’s De Lorean.

As well as this, a OnePoll survey of 2000 adults found that people spent an average of around 50 minutes per week is spend browsing vehicles on classified websites such as Autotrader.. I have certainly spent the past few weeks browsing cars to the tune of much more than 50 minutes..

Taking us back to Hyundai, the South Korean car manufacturer has recently pivoted their sales strategy with its now relaunched Click to Buy tool, that allows users to spend hours configuring and customising their ideal car spec and then being able to order it online.

Hyundai have said:

 “The internet has totally transformed the way we buy and sell products and consume media. Whether it’s streaming our favourite shows, browsing the classifieds or configuring the perfectly-specced cars, there is plenty to keep car enthusiasts occupied. While the nation is being told to stay at home, Hyundai felt it was the right time to relaunch its groundbreaking Click to Buy website to allow motorists to choose their new car, spec it to their desired taste and arrange a finance package all from the comfort of their sofa.”

Personally, we’re dead pleased for Clarkson hitting the top of the list – well deserved!

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