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Fans React To Jeremy Clarkson’s Changes To The Grand Tour


As we all do our best to process this rapidly changing world, the largest bit for many to get over, seems to be no more “Conversation Street.” At least, that is the impression one gets from reviewing the reactions to Jeremy Clarkson’s confirmation, that The Grand Tour is now exclusively an adventure program.

Well, truth be told, the dynamics are slightly more complicated. Getting the pulse of the diverse Grand Tour fandom, isn’t such an easy task. We’ve tried our best to break it down into three camps.

Let’s start with the first group, which we can lovingly dub “haters.” It’s clear some people have a bad relationship with the generally-beloved hosts. These few, albeit vocal, detractors are overjoyed to see any diminishing of the shows glory. Anything that Clarkson, May, or Hammond do together, it’s simply TERRIBLE, and frankly these haters are going to let you know about it.

A trip through their comments is worth a laugh, at least.

Then on to the second group, where things become rational. These are fans who have seen the changes, come to accept them, and understand the rationale behind these tough decisions. Let’s call them “Moderates.”

Most people probably fall into this camp. They always loved the specials, and would watch them over and over, even if they weren’t a petrol-head or car-nut. Most of our significant others probably fall in this camp…but we would be surprised to see them comment.

Now, they could just be happy to see more of what they love, or just thankful they don’t have to fast forward every time a celebrity drives around the Eboladrome. The nuance of legal battles, and concessions over what the hosts can and cannot say, aren’t lost on these fans. They simply don’t see this as the end of the world, and if they can’t have it all, they’re more than content with the best part.

Ah, then the final camp, these are the “Nicest Fans.” These gentle-people understand the labor of love  a 30-year stretch of television presenting represents. They saw Clarkson tear up when he referenced the changes coming to The Grand Tour. Most of all, they trust that the boys have their backs, and aren’t going to just call it quits on a lifetime of good times.

Here’s a toast to the Nicest Fans! Keep it real!

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