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Jeremy Clarkson “Deliberately” Hits James May During The Grand Tour Filming He Admits

Jeremy Clarkson has been tending to his Diddly Squat Farm for a year or so now, swapping the steering wheels of supercars for seeds and tractor in order to bring us Clarkson’s Farm. This new show will be covering his farming antics from the last year, as well as how he dealt with extreme weather and of course the pandemic. He discussed it on The Jonathan Ross Show before the release of the show on Amazon Prime Video on June 11.

The conversation began with Ross asking Clarkson about what skills he had that lent themselves to the farming industry.

“You get up in the morning and people shout at you,” Jeremy joked. “You think you know what you’re doing. They just shouted at me, all rolled their eyes. Occasionally one of them would say, ‘I’m a bit disappointed…’ there was a lot of that.”

Of course, the conversation eventually turned to Richard Hammond, James May, and The Grand Tour, and the driving skill of the trio.

“I haven’t crashed on the road since 1977,” he began to Jonathan. “It was 36 hours later [from passing my driving test] in the Yorkshire Dales. It was a good old crash. Then I thought, ‘I’m not doing that again’. Touch wood so far (I) haven’t. It’s been a long time since I’ve crashed.”

Clarkson couldn’t resist joking about fellow presenter James May, with who he has a love-to-hate relationship.

“I deliberately crash into James May now,” Jeremy chuckled. “It’s such sport.”

He continued: “They’re not our cars, it doesn’t matter. When I’m driving home I have to remember not to crash.”

Towards the end of the interview he gave fans a glimmer of hope of the next episode of The Grand Tour, saying the following:

“We’ve got two more Grand Tours waiting in the wings.”

Despite this, he didn’t mention a release date for the Scotland and Welsh Special episodes.

Clarkson’s farm will be released on Friday, June 11 on Amazon Prime Video, and The Grand Tour’s long-waited Scotland Special is likely to be released later this year.

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