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SSC Unveils Tuatara Striker And 2,200HP Aggressor Track Car

SSC has already created the fastest hypercar in the world with its Tuatara, boasting 1,750, horsepower and a world record top speed of 286mph. Fast enough, right? Well, SSC doesn’t think so. Meet the Tuatara Aggressor, which has more power. Oh, and meet the Striker, which has more downforce. We’re being spoilt.

Let’s start with the Striker. Aerodynamics is the game here with SSC saying that downforce has been increased three fold. At 160mph, it’s said to produce 1,100lbs of downforce, including the car’s weight.

Making this possible is a huge, active rear wing, modified rear diffuser, and a number of additional blades at the front of the car. Front to rear, it balances at 45.4 and 54.6 percent. To match this inside, you’ll find extra bits of carbon fibre and more Alcantara.

The Striker has the standard amount of horsepower, but the Aggressor really doesn’t. This one creates 2,200 horses, and guess what? It also has the added downforce of the Striker. Unfortunately, it won’t be road legal, but SSC will give buyers infinite levels of customisability and because of this, isn’t giving much away… apart from the fact that this level of performance cannot be matched by a street car.

Only 100 units of the standard Tuatara and the Striker will be built, and only 10 Aggressors, making the latter incredibly rare. The price? No idea, but I have a feeling they wont be cheap.

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