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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals The Reason Behind The Name Of ‘Diddly Squat Farm’

In a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson admitted that it’s incredibly difficult to maintain the farm and regrets starting it alongside the new Amazon Prime Video show, Clarkson’s Farm.

“I have had a farm, quite a big farm, a 1000 acres, since 2008. A man farmed it for me. Then he said, ‘I’m retiring’. So I thought, I’ll do it myself, which is the stupidest decision.

“I thought it was a part-time thing… ended up calling it Diddly Squat because that’s how much you make from farming.”

He adds:

“You get up in the morning and people shout at you. You think you know what you’re doing…They just shouted at me, all rolled their eyes. Occasionally one of them would say, ‘I’m a bit disappointed…’ there was a lot of that.”

Interestingly, the Queen’s land only stretches 39 acres, compared to Jeremy’s 1,000. On top of this land, Clarkson is building a small mansion, which will be home to six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a cinema, games room, a yard for horses, and space for five cars. The ex-Top Gear presenter told Top Gear at the time that the main reason he bought the land was so he could own a quad bike:

“I have bought a farm. There are many sensible reasons for this. Land is a better investment than any bank can offer. The government doesn’t get any of my money when I die. And the price of the food that I grow can only go up.

“But there is another, much more important reason: I can now have a quad bike.”

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