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Jeremy Clarkson Destroys Contestants On Who Want To Be A Millionaire?

We’ve been loving Jeremy Clarkson on the hit quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. He brings his Top Gear and Grand Tour level of humour and p*ss taking and applies it to some of the most embarrassing moments on TV for some of the contestants.

“It’s shocking tonight. Shocking,” Jeremy Clarkson says about the latest episode.

“It’s a good show. But only because everyone on it is shoulder saggingly bad.”

During the episode, one contestant was asked what the ‘A” stood for in SAS. Instead of answering with the correct answer ‘air’, she answered with ‘air ability’.

As you an tell from the tweet above, Clarkson wasn’t overly impressed with that answer.

During that episode, three contestants left with only £1,000, with another winning a measly £4,000 compared to the highest prize of £1,000,000. This was obviously boring Clarkson who, at a break, said the following:

“Right it’s time to take a break, join us in a few moments for the final part of Dumb Britain.” Ouch.

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