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James May Compared Vegan Meat To Real Meat In Recent Video

The competition between vegan meat and real meat became even fiercer when Greggs released its vegan sausage roll, even after the Impossible Burger made headlines years ago. We saw Jeremy Clarkson try the Impossible Burger in a hilarious video, but now fellow Grand Tour presenter James May has put vegan and real meat head to head.

This comes in the form of a video from FoodTribe, which puts food such as Greggs sausage rolls, Burger King burgers, and even doughnuts up against their vegan doppelgangers.

James, now a respected cook after his Amazon Prime Video show Oh Cook and the accompanying cookbook, was able to identify all of the vegan food, as did his FoodTribe co-presenter Rachel. The other FoodTribe presenter, Lucy, identified all but the vegan doughnuts correctly, but they were the most difficult to recognise.

Haven’t yet seen Jeremy’s video trying the Impossible burger? Watch below!

Alex Harrington

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