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Jeremy Clarkson Documents Farming Disasters As Things Go Wrong On Diddly Squat Farm

Jeremy Clarkson has been caring for his crops and animals on his farm named Diddly Squat for a year now for his new series for Amazon Prime Video. ‘I Bought The Farm’ is certainly on the way, and while we don’t know exactly when it’ll be here, we do know it will be full of amusement as Clarkson wrestles with the world of farming. One example of this he documents on Instagram.

His day began with a flat. Not a simple flat that can be sorted with a quick space saver from the boot and some elbow grease. No, this is a tractor tyre flat. The story continues…

Clarkson finds the one tool that could possibly save him – an air compressor – and guess what? That’s broken, too.

He gets this somehow fixed and returns to the day job.

But wait, no, life isn’t that easy. The tractor then falls apart.

“Now the end’s come off,” he captions.

I think it’s time for Clarkson to get a pint at James May’s new pub. Don’t you?

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