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Jeremy Clarkson Finding Girlfriend Very Annoying During Lockdown

Isolation has been getting to all of us, it doesn’t matter if you are normal folk like you and I or if you are Jeremy Clarkson – automotive journalist, TV powerhouse and the most important man on-screen when it comes to cars.

Last week during the DriveTribe pub quiz, Clarkson was keeping fans of the Grand Tour entertained as he hosted the event alongside FoodTribe colleague Rachael Hogg via video link – where the presenter would read out questions to fans online playing the quiz at home.

However, it would appear that the presenter’s girlfriend, Lisa Hogan, was getting on Clarkson’s nerves with him cheekily calling her out for pouring out wine in an annoying manner:

“It’s really annoying. I’m sitting here and Lisa is pouring endless glasses of wine.”

Lisa then made an inaudible retort to the presenter as Clarkson continued with the quiz – it all seemed to be in good fun and we’re glad the couple can engage in some lockdown banter.

Jeremy and Lisa have been in a relationship since 2017, with the couple making their first public appearance together at the GQ Men of the Year Awards the same year. Lisa, an actress, is best known for her role as the Sealion Keeper in John Cleese’s Fierce Creatures which came out in 1997.

Lisa was previously married to Baron Steven Bentick, with whom she has 3 children – Lisa and Baron Steven split back in 2005.

This is Jeremy Clarkson’s first public relationship since he split from his ex-wife, Francis Cain back in 2014.

When Emma Bunton and Jeremy Clarkson both appeared on The Jonathan Ross show, Emma asked simply asked him, “Are you in love at the moment?”, to which Jeremy quickly and simply responded with “yes” – showing the first signs that the presenter was smitten with Lisa.

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