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This 4,000HP Big Rig With Twin V12s Just Sold For $13M

There are some things in life that mere mortals are not supposed to own, but it seems as though when you have enough money, anything is possible. This big rig is one of those things. I mean, just take a look at these photos!

Knows as ‘Thor’, this huge truck was built by a man with a vision, a man named Mike Harrah. He’s a stuntman, a pilot, he races boats, and now, he builds big trucks apparently. This one took him seven years, and has just been sold for $13.2million (approximately £10.25million).

This 4,000HP Big Rig With Twin V12s Just Sold For $13M

From one big number to another, let’s talk power. Working from a 1984 Peterbilt 359 Ultra Custom TT Crew Cab, Mike pulled at it until it reached a length of 44ft. That meant he was also to slot in two 14.0-litre V12 diesel engines into the front. And if that wasn’t enough, he added nitrous, too. And 12 superchargers. In total, this truck is pushing 3,947 horses of road-legal power and has the largest engine of any road-legal vehicle.

This 4,000HP Big Rig With Twin V12s Just Sold For $13M

Of course, with an engine that size, you have to expect a bit of extra weight. 15 tonnes is where it sits, but it can still happily reach 130mph despite this. To stop it, Mike has fitted four drag-racing parachutes.

If this still doesn’t tickle your fancy, then how about the additional Hawker 600 jet engine mounted on its rear? Yep.

This 4,000HP Big Rig With Twin V12s Just Sold For $13M

The whole interior is bespoke with leather and a sword gear lever, this thing is a real piece of art. And guess what? It still has the standard hook up and rigging features. I think it’s safe to say that this thing is ready to HAUL.

Alex Harrington

Alex started racing at a young age so certainly knows his way around a car and a track. He can just about put a sentence together too, which helps. He has a great interest in the latest models, but would throw all of his money at a rusty old French classic and a 300ZX. Contact: [email protected]

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