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Nico Rosberg Drives The McLaren Senna To Its Absolute Limit

Mclaren’s latest weapon of imminent death is that of the Senna. Named after a racing legend, naturally those folks who are able to afford one also believe they are living up to the name by posing in theirs. Unfortunately this is not the case, many… like the local chap to myself who recently flipped up  two parked cars while taking part in his very own championship of Yaris bowling are proof of this concept. So what happens when you take this all British exotic, load in a professional racing driver who can actually drive, and then record it?

Well, you receive the video below of Nico Rosberg’s attack at the intricate ‘Circuit Paul Ricard’ located nearby to Marseille, France. It goes to show us just how breathtaking this car can perform when placed in the hands it was technically engineered for.

With this in mind this could be a great starter for a discussion. What is your opinion on the average, all be it wealthy person buying a hyper car of this stature without correct training before and during ownership? Could it cause unnecessary danger to members of the public, both on the road and footpaths? Should there be an age limit on who can own one?

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