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Jeremy Clarkson Furious With Boris Johnson: “He Has No Business Running The Country”

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that he is the last person to forgive someone for being late. And with the rise of the Zoom meeting, he gets even more annoyed when someone doesn’t show up on time. 

This comes in The Grand Tour presenter’s recent column as he discusses reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is known for being late for meetings. Trying to combat this, the PM has stated that he’s set his watch ten minutes fast, pushing him to be earlier. 

Jeremy clearly isn’t a fan:

“Really? So he did this and then what, forgot?” he wrote for The Sun.

“If that’s the case, he has no business running the country.”

Jeremy continued, diving into his hatred for people that are late, and how he responds to them.

“Late people always have an excuse. The traffic was bad.

“I bumped into an old friend on the way. I had to make the kids’ tea.

“But the truth of the matter is that you were late because you didn’t set off in time. And that’s rude. And it’s especially rude when you’re late for a Zoom call.”

Admitting that it’s not as bad in person because you can easily make small talk, but while waiting in front of a camera for someone to login in, it can be “awkward”.

“Everyone just sits there shuffling their feet and playing with their phone,” he sighed.

“To try to break the embarrassment, I always keep my microphone turned off because it’s funny watching people using sign language to try to explain they can’t hear me.

“And then, when I do turn it on, having pretended it was all a great struggle, at least we can talk about the problems of modern technology until the late arrival has entered the ‘room’.

“At which point, I always say: ‘So that’s decided then. Jim’s for the chop… Oh, hi Jim.'”

Jeremy Clarkson stood next to Lisa Hogan

This has come soon after Jeremy revealed that he’s getting weary of his health:

“You should see me getting out of the shower. I’m always worried that when I lift one foot over the edge of the tray, the other will lose traction and I’ll fall over, landing chin first on the edge of the bath,” he penned.

“I am similarly scared when I’m taking off my trousers at night because at one point I have to balance on one leg and what if it’s not up to the job?”

He added: “This is a realistic worry. Because when you are 61 and you weigh as much as a railway locomotive, you are constantly aware that your knees are only any good at keeping you upright.

“They cannot absorb any sort of impact at all, which means you can no longer jump off anything. Not even a small step.”

I wrote more about this here:

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