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Jeremy Clarkson Tries And Fails To Shoot Diddly Squat Farm Pigeons In Hilarious Video

We’ve known that Jeremy Clarkson likes to wield a firearm since Top Gear produced a special episode for the Sports Relief charity. In this video, Richard Hammond and James May are taken aback when Clarkson demands that he should take care of weeds with a rifle. He continues to shoot weeds out of the ground and later on in the episode, attempts to prune a tree by shooting at it.

Now, he’s armed himself again and is on a mission to rid his farm of birds that can damage his harvest. Unfortunately for him, the birds have outsmarted him.

“How do pigeons know?” he asks the camera annoyed with a rifle over his shoulder.

“So, the sky’s thick with them – come out with a gun – gone.”

He points at the sky where a flock of birds have taken flight from his land.

The ex-Top Gear presenter has recently opened up about the time he’s spent birdwatching in his latest column. He wrote the following:

“Our crows are much more boring to behold but that said, they are extremely clever.

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“It’s known that pigeons can tell whether you have a gun or not but crows go one step further.

“They can tell what sort of gun it is. ‘Ha. That’s only a .410. He’ll never be able to hit me with that.'”

He continued to explain how he’d tested this new theory.

“I proved this 40 minutes into my Big Garden Birdwatch by going outside with a 20 bore,” he said.

“The pigeons scarpered immediately, but the crows just laughed at me, knowing they were well out of range.”

He added to his column in The Times: “They were correct too, and having proved it, there were no birds in my garden at all.”

Despite this, Clarkson has continued to feed the birds by putting out seeds and nuts in his garden. He explains how he sits and watches them for hours through his monocular.

We’re sure we’ll learn more about his birdwatching habits when he releases his new show, I Bought The Farm, on Amazon Prime Video. In this show, we’ll follow him as over a year he builds a working farm, confronts the challenges every other farmer faces, and shows us just how difficult it is to be successful in the farming industry.

The release date is yet to be confirmed, but we’re expecting it to hit Amazon later this year.

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  1. Pigeons of the world, be aware! Clarkson with a shotgun is on the loose! You better return all the seeds you have stolen! Or you’ll face the consequences. Don’t you understand?! He’ll never stop, he’ll never tire chasing you until you are dead! That is what he does, that’s the only thing he does! And he’ll be back!
    Is there a way to estabilish a no-fly zone for pigeons over Clarksons farm?

  2. I really like Clarksons new image – grumpy bearded man with a shotgun! Now he needs only a red hat with a logo “Make Britain Great Again!”

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