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Jeremy Clarkson Gives His Opinion On Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair’s Knighthood: “Awful Man”

Jeremy Clarkson has given us his opinion on Tony Blair, a former Prime Minister of the UK, being appointed a Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter the the New Year’s ceremony just gone. This news has prompted over a million people to sign a petition to take the back and remove the knighthood after Blair “caused irreparable damage to constitution of UK” after the Iraq War “should be held accountable”.

Jeremy claims that despite collecting so many signatures, he doesn’t believe this will make a difference to the “awful man”.

The now Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm presenter has experience with petitions, as after the BBC agreed to not renew his contract after he punched Top Gear’s producer in the face, a petition for the BBC to rehire him received 1,061,003 signatures from fans.

He wrote: “[It’s] not going to happen, I’m afraid, because a million signatures is nothing.

“On the website that’s hosting the anti-Sir Blair movement, more than three times as many people care about getting Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe out of Iran.

“And more than a million put their name to a campaign to stop animal abusers from ever owning a pet again.”

He continued to add that he believed that more people backed Blair’s knighthood, and more people that didn’t have any interest in the matter.

“I was very flattered when a million people signed a petition urging the BBC not to sack me, but I always knew at the back of my mind that some 64million hadn’t,” he noted.

Jeremy added that he expect Tony Blair knows how petitions work himself after a protest against the Iraq War in 2003 was ignored by the then-Prime Minister.

“It was certainly the biggest protest march ever seen in Britain. And what did Blair do? Yup, he ignored it and started the war anyway,” he wrote in his latest column for The Sun.

“The only realistic way, then, of stopping Blair from getting his knighthood is to have an official referendum on the matter.

“But after the Brexit debacle, I can’t see that happening any time soon.”

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