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Lewis Hamilton Turns 37 Today As We Wait For Him To Break Public Silence

Today is Lewis Hamilton’s birthday, but the social media blackout from the driver since the qualifying of Abu Dhabi is still holding strong. Now, we’re wondering whether he’ll finally post something to his social media accounts, whether it be a post on his birthday goings-on or some sort of reaction to Max Verstappen of Red Bull taking the F1 world championship.

But, while we ponder this… Happy birthday to Lewis Hamilton, the 7-time Formula 1 World Champion.

After we celebrated Michael Schumacher’s birthday only a few days ago, now Lewis Hamilton, the racing driver he shares his world record with, has his as he turns 37. Both drivers hold 7 world championship wins. Unfortunately, Schumacher has been injured since 2013 in a skiing accident, and since then has been in hiding away from the public eye.

Lewis Hamilton also seems to be taking a break from being in the public eye, despite usually being extremely active on his social sites. On Twitter alone he is followed by almost 7 million people. On Instagram, this number increases to almost 27 million.

It’s unlikely he’ll post anything to his social sites now so late in the day, but we’ll be watching out just in case he does feel the need to break his silence.

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