The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson Gives Possible Reasons Behind The Grand Tour’s Late Return With Madagascar Special

The Grand Tour will soon be back on the screens for its fourth season. So why has Season 4 been delayed?

The Grand Tour: A Massive Hunt is expected to launch on Amazon Prime Video this December 18, despite the long gap it took to transition from filming, editing, and launching. The stars openly talked as to why this happened and what to expect from their return.

The new The Grand Tour special witnesses Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May on their way to the islands of Reunion and Madagascar.
The Grand Tour: Why was season 4 return delayed?

Loaded with three sports cars of their own preference, the trio set out to pursue an unknown secret treasure.

The Grand Tour

And as audiences may have guessed, things don’t go perfectly for the presenters on their trip.

The episode will be unveiled on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, December 18th for fans to enjoy.

There has been a lot of curiosity and excitement on the special since it was shot at the end of 2019.

This is particularly true since the previous episode of The Grand Tour Team was launched in December last year.

The Season 4 took a time to bring it to the screens that the presenters themselves are still a little puzzled about it as well.

The Grand Tour

Clarkson admitted to, “It was a really long time ago.

“I haven’t got the first idea about why it’s taken so long from us giving it to Amazon and Amazon putting it in a machine and pressing play. It will be something to do with Covid and computer algorithms I’m sure. It was a very long time ago we filmed it.”

Fans do not need to worry, though since the special will shortly be arriving on the streaming network.

Given its lag, host Hammond feels now is a great moment for fans to watch.

He clarified:

“Our show is a bit of an escape – that’s what it’s always been. It’s great to offer people the chance to escape to somewhere in a different world from the comfort of their own sofa – particularly now!”

What’s more, there still appears to be more specials on their way out soon.

The team has recently joined in Scotland to film under Covid-Safe conditions.

The Grand Tour

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