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Jeremy Clarkson: “Idiot” Greta Thunberg Has Killed The Car Show

We recently reported that Jeremy Clarkson had changed his mind on climate change after seeing first hand, the effects it has had during his time filming in Cambodia. Today, he delves deeper into how this has affected The Grand Tour and other similar car shows, while also mentioning young activist Greta Thunberg.

The 16-year old has been fighting for action against climate change for months now, but Clarkson is adamant that instead of making a real change, she’s killed the car show instead.

“Everyone I know under 25 isn’t the slightest bit interested in cars — Greta Thunberg has killed the car show,” says Clarkson. According to the ex-Top Gear presenter, the scorn of the car is “in their heads,”. Only weeks before this, Richard Hammond explains in a video that cars are only a small percentage of what has an effect on global warming, and that there are other things that can be done.

Jeremy Clarkson Calls Out Greta Thunberg In Latest Column
– Climate change activist Greta Thunberg

Jeremy seems to be putting thought into climate change and what can be done, or said, to combat it.

“Only an idiot doesn’t change their mind when faced with irrefutable evidence,” Jeremy said. “The question is, what to do about it? That’s a more interesting debate than what is happening.”

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But Greta isn’t going to get away that easily: “She’s an idiot,’ Clarkson adds. “Going round saying we’re all going to die, that’s not going to solve anything, my dear.”

Jeremy and The Grand Tour trio will come in contact with climate change during the next season which airs on December 13th. We’ll hear more of what he has to say when we watch it.

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  1. What would it be like, to be in the same room with Stephen Fry, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Greta Thunberg, and Hammond? Sounds like fun.

  2. I find it amazing how Jeremy Clarkson has this fixation against Greta Thunberg, an adult against a young girl…And the language he uses describing her, tells a lot about his hateful character…

    1. That is just how he is and he isn’t wrong about it. A lot of people feel the same way, so if you’re only pointing out Clarkson, that tells a lot about your hateful feeling toward him.

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