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Jeremy Clarkson Is Becoming Scared Of Driving Fast: “It Frightens Me”

We’ve known that The Grand Tour has been coming to a slow end for a while now. While it hasn’t been confirmed, the Amazon Prime Show only releases two episodes a year, indicating that Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are focussing on other things. And now to add fuel to the fire, Jeremy has revealed that he’s getting increasingly scared of driving aggressively.

He’s admitted that he’s becoming a “timid driver”, and this changed the way he drives on the road despite having plenty of driving experience from his work on Top Gear, and more recently The Grand Tour.

The ex-Top Gear presenter explained that this is likely due to his age, despite having the brilliant Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm available to him for his latest review. This would be fine, but as it began to rain, the lower grip from the added lubricity started to worry him.

“I didn’t use to mind a low-grip car on a low-grip road.

“I used to think it was fun, slithering about, but I’m 61 now and, I’ve got to be honest, it isn’t any more. It frightens me.”

During the column, he admitted that it’s not just driving he’s becoming afraid of. He’s begun to be worried about his health, admitting that “lots of things frighten him”. from getting out of the shower to taking his trousers off.

“I’ve even become quite a timid driver, so timid that I drove past a police mobile speed trap the other day and when I glanced at my speedometer I was doing 24mph.

“First time that’s happened, ever. I used to think 60 was a stupidly low limit on an A-road and went everywhere at double that, but now, especially when it’s raining, I’m happy to plod along at 50.

“It’s tragic and it saddens me, but I am always aware of the trees at the side of the road and I’m consumed with an urgent need not to crash into any of them.”

Jeremy is currently on holiday in Croatia as you can see from his Instagram account, so while we’re expecting a new episode of The Grand Tour to begin filming soon, it won’t be yet.

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  1. Jeremy Clarkson is becoming scared to drive fast ? This must be the joke of the year…

  2. Dear Jeremy. You never fail to entertain. But I have to say this: You’re more likely to come to grief operating your farm machinery.
    Kenneth(Australia )

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