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Jeremy Clarkson Jokes About Coronavirus After The Grand Tour Is Delayed

The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson recently admitted on Twitter that the Amazon Prime Video show’s filming has been pushed back to after the Coronavirus has been dealt with.

Season 4’s first episode, Seamen’ was aired over the last Christmas period, and according to Clarkson, the second episode of the season is only waiting to be published. Those two episodes make up the entirety of the fourth season, with the fifth more than likely coming next year, again around Christmas. However, thanks to Clarkson sharing information on Twitter, it’s likely to be pushed even further back than that.

The Coronavirus outbreaks have put countries into a state of panic, and many are restricting travel across borders. This will obviously make travelling for filming much more difficult than before, and we’re sure Clarkson, alongside Richard Hammond and James May, will not want to contend with possible two-week quarantines and the associated dangers that could also affect their friends and families.

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On DriveTribe, Jeremy Clarkson posted a photo to his ‘tribe’, joking that The Grand Tour is not postponed due to the virus.

“The Grand Tour is NOT delayed by the Coronavirus. We are machines. And we absolutely will not stop,” he says.

However, in the photo, he’s looking dishevelled with tissue paper up his nose. This may just be a joke to the majority, but with the worldwide death toll exceeding that of 4,000 people, we’re sure some will take offence. Similarly to the drama that surrounded the Eboladrome, I’m not sure the Coronavirus is something to joke about, especially while things are only getting worse.

Unfortunately, we can’t publish the photo here due to permissions, but follow the link above to see it.

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  1. The fans of the show are not snowflakes, snowflake writers should write for a different show.

  2. Meh, people will find anything to complain about. It’s obviously not completely politically correct, but the purpose of comedy isn’t about being P.C. It’s only fairly recently that people’s cultural sensitivity has started to seriously target comedy.

    I still appreciate these stories regardless, though, as they point out funny Jeremy stuff I miss.

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