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The Grand Tour Season 3: What Do We Expect?

Season 2 of The Grand Tour is wrapping up very soon, and as with any beloved show, once the current season ends, we will turn our attention to the next season. Is it a bit soon to wonder about Season 3? Of course it is, but that’s not going to stop us from being curious.

Here’s what we expect to happen as the making of Season 3 approaches:


Season 1 aired between November and February, while Season 2 was delayed slightly by illnesses and Hammond’s love of crashing. Assuming all goes to plan with Season 3, we can expect it to drop closer to Season 1’s dates; between November and February.

Don’t forget though, we still have a standalone Columbia special which should be airing mid-2018.


To meet the early winter air date for the upcoming season, filming has typically started right about now. To compare, Season 2 filming started this time last year and went all the way to mid-December. Granted the previously mentioned ailments held things up a bit, so assuming no one explodes this year, expect the boys to wrap up a bit earlier.


With filming for the Columbia special just wrapping up, we don’t have any information on where the boys intend to film for Season 3. However, Jeremy did mention a few places he would like to visit in a recent interview.

The BBC is banned from Iran and Zimbabwe, but now that the boys are with Amazon, Jeremy has expressed interest in going to Iran. Whether or not they make it there for Season 3 still remains to be seen!


Ticket sales are always a tricky thing, and as of right now, we have no clue just yet. Last year they went on sale in late September for only one week for Amazon Prime members, so there’s no reason to expect the sale date to be any different this year.

Remember, the tent doesn’t travel anymore, so if you don’t live in the UK and want to see the boys live, get ready to travel to the Cotswolds.


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