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Jeremy Clarkson Lashes Out After Realizing That Somalian Runner Was Not a Professional

Sadly, a video of a 100m race from the 31st Summer World University Games in Chengdu, China has gone viral for the wrong reasons and Jeremy Clarkson pointed out just that in his column in the ‘Sun.’ The scene was a classic example of ‘not being fit enough for the job’, literally!

Supposed runner Nasra Abukar Ali representing Somalia ran the 100m race in a way that would seem like a slow-motion run when compared to the other runners who were competing in the event. To give you an idea of how badly she performed, Brazil’s Gabriela Silva Mourao finished first by crossing the line in 11.68 seconds whereas Nasra finished ten seconds later and created a record by crossing the line in 21.81 seconds!

Jeremy Clarkson revealed that he got an idea of the woman not being a racer when she lined up on the start line. He wrote:

“I don’t mean to be unkind, but the girl from Somalia didn’t appear to have a typical runner’s physique. She wouldn’t have looked out of place in the shot-putting event. But the 100 metres? No.

“Plus, she could be seen looking at the other competitors as they placed their feet in the blocks so that she had an idea of what was expected of her.”

Funnily, Clarkson claims that he’s fat as a pig but can still beat her in a 100m race by finishing it in 17 seconds. However, things started to make sense when it came to know that Nasra is the niece of the Somali Athletics Foundation Chairwoman who has been suspended after the embarrassing spectacle.

An investigation into the matter by the Somali Ministry of Youth and Sport highlighted that the 20-year-old participant is neither a sportsperson nor a runner. You never know if her participation was done at her will or not.

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